tchret has proven to be not only reliable and very skillful but also very responsive which allowed us to iterate super quickly.
@edouardgouin ¬
Founder, Convelio
tchret was a joy to work with, he is a quick learner, and has an endless inspiration to come up with awesome design ideas. Highly recommended!
@ssaunier ¬
CTO, Le Wagon
tchret is a great and talented guy. I really enjoyed working with him. He is very creative and opinionated in product and design, always bringing cool ideas on the table.
@bpapillard ¬
CEO, Le Wagon
tchret is a concept builder and has a consistent understanding of how beauty and function come together. He is one of the best front-end devs I know, but he is above all an artist.
@jsonbarcelon ¬
Co-founder & CTO, My Edition Co.
tchret is a rocket fueled with amazing product sense, great dev skills and a good dose of artistic swing.
@mxbraud ¬
Co-founder, Mangrove
True product sensibility, overflowing imagination for great designs & a super cool dude — 3 pillars characterizing tchret & his realizations.
@arthurdv_ ¬
Product Manager, Kudoz
If you want a killer interface for your product, tchret is the man.
@davidbellaiche ¬
CEO, Corporico
tchret is the best front dev to make your product look neat and fresh.
@candicesg ¬
CEO, Bricool
tchret is a young and passionate developer. Very dedicated and skillful person to work with.
@romainpaillard ¬
Founder, Le Wagon
It is extremely pleasant and efficient to work with tchret because he knows a lot about design, product development and lean startup development.
@thomasceccaldi ¬
CEO, Roadstr
tchret is the Yoda of Front end development but with magnificent mane like hair.
with tchret even a plain white background looks like a luxurious and colorful design.
@crabshelter ¬
Fullstack developer
I was lucky enough to work with tchret and I would recommend him to anybody! So if you're looking for a talented front-end dev look no more you've found him.
@anamiruna ¬
Content Marketing, Aircall
made by tchret: